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The Ultimate Checklist for a Maternity Bag 

What to bring to the hospital when giving birth to your new baby

An important part of pregnancy is feeling prepared for the birth of your child. A lot of mums-to-be might question what to pack in their hospital bag and it is suggested that you prepare your maternity bag from 36 weeks in order to be fully prepared for the hospital. But, we understand that packing can be overwhelming when deciding what items will be needed. G. H. Hurt & Son are here to help, creating for you the ultimate checklist, so that you don’t forget any of the essentials and so you can relax when the time to meet your new arrival comes!  

Firstly, make sure that your chosen maternity bag is practical with plenty of compartments. This will allow you to be as organised as possible. Some mums-to-be even choose to use two bags, with a second bag for ‘post birth’ that can stay in the car until needed. Here is our guide for what to include inside…

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Checklist for mum:

• Your birth plan and maternity notes

• A dressing gown and slippers – make sure you keep warm whilst on the ward

• Plenty of warm socks – many mothers get cold feet during labour!

• Comfortable night dress – if choosing to breastfeed consider one with a front opening to prepare for when your little one arrives

• Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste hairbrush, deodorant and lip balm, along with any other of your toiletry essentials

• Hair ties – for mothers with long hair you might want to be able to put your hair up to help you to cool down

• A TENS machine if choosing to use one

• Entertainment – any books, magazines or music with headphones to help you pass the time

• An extra pillow – a home comfort to make you feel more comfortable

• 2 – 3 supportive nursing bras

• Super absorbent sanitary or maternity pads

• A towel – make sure you have a towel so you can freshen up

• Plenty of knickers – bring ones that will be super comfortable for you

• Breast pads

• Changes of clothes – make sure that you bring loose fitting, comfortable clothing

• Snacks and drinks

• Glasses or contact lenses if needed

• A comfortable going home outfit

Collection Of personalised Baby blankets from G. H. Hurt & Son

Checklist for your birthing partner:

• Change for the hospital parking if driving there

• A mobile phone and charger – so you can share the good news!

• A change of clothing

• Entertainment such as a magazine – there might be some waiting about

• A fan or water spray to help cool you down once in labour

• A camera – make sure you have lots of pictures of your precious new arrival

Collection Of personalised Baby blankets from G. H. Hurt & Son

Checklist for the baby:

• Plenty of nappies – newborns need 10-12 per day!

• Cotton wool balls – baby wipes are not recommended until 2-4 weeks after birth

• Sleepsuits and vests

• Muslin squares

• A going home outfit – make sure to pack a pram suit if it is cold weather

• A baby blanket or shawl – G. H. Hurt & Son have you covered! Make sure your newborn is cuddled up warm in one of our blankets

• A car seat – this final item is essential to take your little one home from the hospital…

This guide will make sure that you are fully prepared for your special day! We have included a PDF checklist that you can print off to make the process even easier and stress-free. Now you can relax knowing that you are ready for one of the most important days of your life!

Download Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist


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