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Fashion Revolution Week 2018

How G.H. Hurt & Son took part in the global movement


Fashion Revolution Week is a global movement for a more sustainable and transparent fashion industry. For our contribution to the week, we used our social media to share our workers stories and how our shawls are made. Our social media posts were re-shared by the organisation 'Fashion Revoltuion', acknowleding our transparency as a company.

Our Production Team

Dawn and Chris photos

On the left, Dawn & On the right, Chris

Dawn works in the ‘Finishing Department’ and is part of our highly skilled, hand-finishing team who have 200 years’ worth of experience between them. Following being knitted, Dawn and her team hand-wash each shawl. The shawls are then hand-finished, giving each shawl it's unique, scalloped edge.

Chris is one of our experienced knitting technicians. He has been with us for 41 years. One of his first jobs of the day is to attend to the yarn. We take great care in sourcing our yarn to ensure it is super fine and soft. Chris will spend the day in our ‘Knit Shop’ operating our range of winding and knitting machines.

Reg, Sam and Ann photos

On the left, Reg & On the right, Sam and Ann

Reg is our head knitting technician who has worked with us for 47 years. He works in our ‘Knit Shop’ alongside Chris and keeps a watching eye on our Knitwear Placement Students from NTU. Reg knows our machines like the back of his hand, making him the go-to-man! As well as operating our knit machines for production, he also uses them to trial experimental patterns and test new yarns. From time to time, Reg also supports our designers, to create new patterns, as part of product development.

Ann and Sam work in our ‘Quality Control Department’. After the shawls have been hand-finished, they are thoroughly checked over with trained eyes. The shawls are then hand folded by the team, which requires them to pay close attention to detail to ensure that the intricate pattern and scalloped edges are perfectly aligned. As the shawls approach the end of their journey, they are taken to be ‘tabbed’ which involves sewing our beautifully branded labels and swing tickets onto the shawls.


A G.H.Hurt & Son 'Family Photo'

The G.H.Hurt & Son Team

To round off ‘Fashion Revolution Week’ here is a ‘family photo’ of some of the team at G.H.Hurt & Son. The dedication and passion each staff member holds for the company is what drives our success and is reflected in everything we do…

As a long-established manufacturer in Nottingham, we pride ourselves on producing everything under one roof and source as much as we can locally. Throughout our production we use traditional human craft wherever possible; all to lessen our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our baby shawls and lace knitted scarves are made to last. We love our planet and are always striving to improve.

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