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Michael Greenwell reports for the Nottingham Evening Post Awards

G.H.Hurt & Son was first established in 1912, a lacemaker in the city keeping its heritage alive.

But far from being stuck in the past, last night the company picked up the award for being the best innovator in Nottingham.

The family business continues to break the mould, despite working on machinery that would not have been out of place at the beginning of the last century.

Director Henry Hurt explains: “We have to be creative to survive and we have to create something new every year.

“We use cable machinery to produce shawls and scarves, but we look at ways to do something else with what we have.

“And with our Chilwell, Nottingham, label, it is a great selling point overseas.”

Mr Hurt is devoted to his work that has spanned a century in his family, but is also a man who remains in tune with the fast-changing world of business.

His pride in Nottingham and the potential he sees for the city echoes the view of all those who entered and attended last night’s awards.

“We are Nottingham through and through,” Mr Hurt said.

“I’m proud and it’s an honour to have been working in Nottingham like this for so long and be recognised like this for creativity.”

Fellow director and daughter, Gillian Taylor, said: “It’s fantastic to be part of this and see others from all parts of life be awarded.”

The ‘Innovation’ award recognised a significant contribution to the city

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