Cashmere Jewel Scarf

New for Spring, our Jewel Cashmere Scarf 

Just in time, for Spring...

A must-have for any season, this lightweight and versatile cashmere scarf is perfect to wrap a little bit of luxury around you every day. Cashmere is naturally breathable, regulating your temperature. This effortlessly stylish piece is an ideal travel companion, with softness and warmth and its lightweight feel makes it ideal to pop in your travel bag.

Knitted in six vivid, natural colours : Gold, Claret, Mirage, Navy, Pale Pink, Winter White.

Jewel Cashmere Scarves

The Finest Cashmere

The story of our Jewel Cashmere Scarf begins with the world’s finest cashmere, perfectly spun by a Scottish mill with 150 years of expertise. This luxurious fibre comes from a hardy, mountain dwelling breed of goat that has adapted to the harsh conditions and extreme temperatures of the Gobi Desert. Developing wonderfully thick coats, made up of a coarse outer hair and a fine, soft undercoat. It is these finest fibres that run from the throat to belly, a soft white downy undercoat, that are used to produce this timeless piece.

Invest in well-made pieces in your wardrobe that will stand the test of time. This lacy cashmere stole is an essential classic wrap lovingly produced at our “Shawl Factory” here in Nottingham, England.  

Jewel Cashmere Scarves

The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day 

Make the moment of opening a gift last - by giving your gift that special touch of love and a personal feel. You can have it wrapped in our Beautifully Embossed Gift Boxes and include a Handwritten Message on one of our Gift Cards. Both of which can be added to your order, once an item is selected to the basket.

Jewel Cashmere Scarves


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