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Planning a Baby Shower 

A baby shower is a part of gift-giving and celebrates the expected birth of a child and the transformation of a woman into a mother. Typically, one of the mother-to-be’s closest friends or family members organises the baby shower. However, it is good to discuss certain details with the mother-to-be, such as the guest list.  

Planning a baby shower can feel overwhelming, so to help break down your to-do list, we have put together a guide and baby shower planning suggestions to follow when planning the perfect baby shower. Remember to keep it simple, enjoy planning it and be flexible!

Pick a date

The months before and after baby is born are always busy, so discuss dates with the mother-to-be. Some mothers prefer to have a baby shower before the arrival of their little one, whereas some prefer to have it after the arrival of their baby. Most baby showers are held around the seventh month of pregnancy which gives mum a chance to go through her baby gifts and see what other things she needs for little one. 

Choose the venue / location 

Consider what mum-to-be will love, with budget, number of guests and weather in mind. Here are some ideas to consider: 

  • Home
  • Party venue 
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoors 

Pick a theme 

Once you have decided on a venue, it's good to consider a theme, if you think the mother-to-be would love a particular theme. Here are some ideas: 

  • Safari 
  • Balloon 
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 
  • Rainbow
  • All traditional white 
  • Blue or pink 

Take a look at our “Baby Shower” Pinterest Board for more inspiration. 

Decide on the guest list and send out invitations 

Ask the mum-to-be who she would like to have at the baby shower. Make sure the invitations are sent in advance so people can reserve the date and shop for baby shower gifts! 

You could send printed invites or electronic invites. If you have chosen a theme, the invite should match it. 

What to include on the invite: 

  • Time
  • Date 
  • Location 
  • Information about the gift registry (if mother-to-be decides to have one)
  • RSVP details


When looking for and purchasing the baby decor, if you have chosen a theme, have this in mind so it can match. There are so many ideas online, you can get really creative with this! 

Refreshments / food menu 

You will need to decide whether you are going to make dishes at home or have the baby shower catered, this may depend on your budget. Small portions and decorative cookies, cakes and drinks to go with the baby shower theme are all you need! If you decide to hold the baby shower at a venue or restaurant the staff will be able to help you select the refreshments. 

Organise games 

Organise some fun games to keep guests entertained. You will need to think about how long to play the games for and how to prepare, make sure you have the supplies and the prizes.

Baby shower favours

A small gift for each guest is a lovely way to show appreciation of them coming. Consider a candle, wax melts, soap or some sweets or chocolates. 

Once the exciting day comes, remember to relax and enjoy the day. The mother-to-be will appreciate all the planning you have done and will want everyone to celebrate the new addition to her family! 

This guide will make sure that you are fully prepared for the baby shower! We have included aPDF checklist that you can print off to make the process even easier and stress-free.

Download Baby Shower Planning Checklist

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