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Nottinghamshire's Rev. William Lee invents the world's first stocking frame, thus transforming the speed of knitting forever.


Sir Richard Arkwright develops the first spinning machines in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.


Susanna Arkwright, his daughter, marries Charles Hurt.


Lace shawls are produced on stocking frames in Nottinghamshire. Most stockings are by now being knitted on power machines.


George Henry Hurt, Grandfather of Henry Hurt, our present Managing Director establishes G.H. Hurt & Son. Business begins in an old seed warehouse built in 1781 and has remained on this site to the present day. George sells shawls and scarves knitted on his ancient handframes. The Jaeger Company are the main customer at this time.


G.H.Hurt & Son now knit striped mohair scarves and lace fabric for short, flapper lace dresses, to suit the fashion of the era.


Silk-lined lace jumpers and bedjackets are made from our lace fabric, many have become rare, sought-after, vintage items.

In 1939 the period film "Gone with the Wind" features our mohair shawl, as it looks handmade.


During the war years older members of our team continue to knit the popular head squares in between their home guard duties.


Jaeger sells many of our "Mantillinas" (Stoles) and "Chalitas" (Shawls).


The fashion returns to our lace knit mini dresses.

Long viscose Scarves are produced for Biba.


Silk-lined ladies scarves etc. are in high demand from the USA

Wool shawls become fashionable in continental Europe, especially in France.


Laura Ashley loved the classic English country look and we become the main supplier of Laura Ashley's trademark Cotton and Wool Squares.


Our successful association with Laura Ashley continues as our lace-knitted squares are sold in their stores all over the world. These Cotton and Wool squares are now a highly sought-after vintage product.

Our special pieces for Haute Couture designs appear on catwalks in London, Paris and New York.


These days we have a broad spectrum of customers in Australia, France, Japan and, of course our home market.

From Europe to the Far East, today's customers favour our gossamer cashmere knitted shawls, scarves and stoles, all knitted here in Chilwell in the Shetland lace style.


Development of our first "own brand" range. An intelligent blend of traditional patterns, whilst continually innovating with design and creativity, producing a collection relevant for today.

Introduction of on-line shopping at www.ghhurt.com. Making G.H.Hurt & Son designs available to a global audience.



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