Luxury Gift Box

The Story Of Our Luxury Gift Box

The Perfect Finishing Touch To Your Gift

At G.H.Hurt & Son, we always listen to our customers. Over a period of time, customers were asking us for gift boxes, to present the shawl as a gift, as well as a box or something to store away. This is why we created our beautifully embossed white Luxury Gift Boxes. You requested gift boxes to make those gifts just that little more special. So, we listened and now you can to make a gift more unique, with our option to have it wrapped in pure white tissue paper and place it in a G.H.Hurt & Son hand crafted linen finish Luxury Gift Box

When it comes to sourcing our beautiful Gift Boxes, we found a small family firm in England, to manufacture them. In many ways, they are similar to us due to also being a five generation family firm, which is one of the reasons why we chose them. Their factory is full of old machinery and they make their products with care and love, just as we do at G.H.Hurt & Son. The company have a 100+ year history, use traditional artisan techniques and finish their products by hand. Their manufacturing process and materials are environmentally friendly and so aligns with our brand values and ethos. This is all very important to us as a traditional, British brand. 

Our luxury gift boxes consist of two parts; a tray and a lid. They are manufactured by wrapping linen finish paper over board. The lid is finished with our brand logo beautifully embossed. Our Luxury Gift Boxes are the perfect way to present your G.H.Hurt & Son gift to family and friends.

Luxury Gift Box in the Manufacturing Process
Luxury Gift Box - G.H.Hurt & Son Brand Embossed Detail

Just like a shawl or a scarf, a G.H.Hurt & Son Luxury Gift Box can be cherished for years to come.

It is the ideal place to store your scarf or shawl. 

Give your gift the perfect finishing touch, so your loved ones realise how special your gift truly is.

Beautifully Gift Boxed Pure Wool Christening Shawl

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