Fashion Revolution Week 2019

"Transparency Within Fashion"

During Fashion Revolution Week 2019, we wanted to honour the extraordinary work done by our wonderfully talented team and give all our customers an insight into how their shawls are made. So, to celebrate the artisan skills used to create our shawls and to help make them as special as they are, we made a selection of short films.

We hope this gives you a brief insight into the traditional craft of lace knitting and acknowledge the people behind the making of your shawl.


Chris – Knitting Technician

Sourcing the finest yarn is the first stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring the finished pieces are knitted using the best quality fibres. Chris winds the yarn, preparing it for knitting, then and checks everything from colour, to texture and strength, making sure it is perfect for creating our timeless and classic pieces.

Hand Finishing

Dawn – Hand Finishing Department

Every baby shawl is washed and beautifully hand finished in our finishing department. So each piece is ready to use immediately and perfect for the baby. “Overlocking” is a machinist trade that takes years for skilled hands (and feet) to perfect. Dawn makes it look effortless.


Ann – Quality Control & Folding

Carefully inspecting each and every one of our shawls whilst precisely folding them, Ann, part our quality control team, ensures we maintain our extremely high standard. Here, at G.H.Hurt & Son, we pride ourselves on consistent quality, so all our customers receive the perfect shawl.


Sam – Quality Control & Packing

To make sure that every shawl comes to you, arriving at its highest quality, Sam checks each of our shawls one last time whilst preparing and packing them away in one of our beautifully embossed G.H.Hurt & Son gift boxes.

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