New Scarf Collection

Our New Uni-Sex Scarf Collection

The Design Story

Mood Board Of Inspiration

Fashion is Art. Art is fashion. As an artist of fashion, we take inspiration from all around us to inform our designs and collections. Our Contemporary Collection for AW18/19 took inspiration from the city of Nottingham. In particular, a certain car park in the city of Nottingham. To passers-by, this car park is far from extraordinary or inspiring. However, to head designer Gillian Taylor, the geometric design of this car park immediately captured her attention. Creativity was sparked. With visions of the car park in mind, that evening Gillian began sketching ideas for a new collection, experimenting with geometric shapes and colours...

G.H.Hurt & Son Mood Board

Inspiration From Inside The Carpark

From inside the car park, head designer Gillian admired the jigsaw nature of the hexagon shapes and the use of block colour. She saw the extraordinary in the ordinary... Gillian and her design and knitting technicians began knitting prototypes, experimenting with hexagon geometric patterns and blocks of colour.

Lambswool Hexagon Scarf

Above - Brass Lambswool Hexagon Scarf

Inspiration From Outside The Carpark

From outside the car park, Gillian stood and appreciated the way in which the hexagon shapes formed horizontal rows. Each row is a different colour. After arriving at the desired colour theme and geometric pattern, Gillian and her design and knitting technicians produced more prototypes. This time, experimenting with the scarf dimensions and size of the hexagons.

Lambswool Hexagon Scarf

Above - Jeans Blue Lambswool Hexagon Scarf

The Hexagon Scarf

A geometric car park and a creative mind lead to the creation of the ‘Hexagon Lambswool Scarf’ in Brass, Burnt Orange, Jeans Blue and Lugano. A simple but sophisticated scarf for men and women alike. After seeing the final product, head designer Gillian had visions of making more geometric scarves in the same colour palette. Using the hexagon scarf as an anchor point, Gillian and her design and knitting technicians went on to design and knit an entire collection - The Contemporary Collection.

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