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Did you miss our Heritage Open Day?

Not to worry, here's a run down of the day!

Our Best Day Yet...

From top-class cakes to the clunking of our Handframes in motion, our Heritage Open Day was a real treat for all our visitors this year - and us too! The sky was overcast, but the positive energy flowing through the factory, from customers and staff, brought a brightness to the day. With artisan demonstrations, knitting machinery in action, a display of multi-coloured yarn and charity donation pots being filled to the brim, our factory was bursting with exciting things to see, do and learn. If you missed out this year and wonder what we got up to, then take a peek below! 


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Heritage Open Day

Once a year at G. H. Hurt & Son, we open our Shawl Factory gates to the public as part of the national 'Heritage Open Days' event. 

Visiting The Shawl Factory, provides an opportunity to see our historic Handframes, plus 100+ years of knitting machinery, an array of multi-coloured yarn and to learn about our unique lace knitting heritage.

As a long established manufacturer in Nottingham, we pride ourselves on producing everything under one roof and we source as much as we can locally. Throughout our production we use traditional human craft wherever possible, all to lessen our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. 

The dedication and passion each staff member holds for the company is what drives our success and is reflected in everything we do… Which is why all our staff love to volunteer every year, for our Heritage Open Day, and to share our craft with the local community.


Handframe Knitting

We are proud to display several historic Handframe knitting machines, in their original industrial setting. Some are in brilliant working order and used for demonstrations during the day. Graduate student Jacaranda, from NTU's BA Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles course, is a highly skilled knitter who has mastered the craft of using our intricate Handframes - even creating some of her own limited edition collection.

She joins us for our Heritage Open Day event, showing all of our visitors the handframe in action!


Find out more about our Handframe Knitting History.

Modern Machinery

During our Heritage Open Day, we invite members of the public to see how knitting machinery has advanced over 100 years and into the 21st century, with the latest computer operated knitting machines.

After years of research, innovation and a total of 150 years of experience from our knitting technicians, we have managed to translate our traditional Handframe patterns from the early 1900's, onto contemporary knitting machines!

G. H. Hurt & Son current owner, Mr Henry Hurt, has been running the firm since taking over from his Father in 1953 and has guided our technological development over the past 60 years. 


Find out more about Henry Hurt: Master Knitter

Scalloped Edges

Most of our shawls are finished with scalloped edging, which can be created by manipulating the knitted yarn as it's drying. Similar to the Handframe knitting machine, our staff also volunteer to provide demonstrations of the artisan handfinishing processes, throughout the day.

This finishing technique is used for most of our baby shawls and our lacy womens scarves, which makes our products unique.

There is a true artisan craft behind the curation of our lacy knitted scarves and shawls, taking two days to produce and involving up to eight pairs of technically skilled hands. 


Find our more about The Artisan Craft of Knitting Fine Lacy Shawls.

Our Cake Sale

This year, we encouraged all of our staff to bake fresh homemade goodies for our charity cake sale. All donations made went to Rainbows Childrens Hospice, who provide care and support to life-limited children and their families.

We raised a grand total of £165.66 which was made possible by every generous donation from our wonderful visitors. Thank you all.

We believe in the good of others and by helping local charities and organisations, it's our way of giving back to the local community that has been a big part of the reason we are still a working factory today!

A Chance to Buy

There was a wide range of our exquisite knitted products available to buy during the morning - whether it's scarves from our latest collection, baby shawls or a one of a kind Women's scarf.

It is a great oppotunity for visitors to stock up early with christmas presents, see first hand the quality and delicacy of our products, and give those with curious minds the oppotunity to have a good rummage through our range of knitting. There is always something for all and for any occasion.

We are open most Saturdays, from 10am-12noon, providing locals with the opportunity to browse and buy from a range of Baby Shawls, Womens Scarves, Shawls & Stoles, and contemporary Mens Scarves. 


The Shawl Factory is located in an old seed warehouse in Chilwell, Nottingham, originally built in 1781 and is still the present location for the working office and factory to date.

We are easy to access by public transport - using NET Tram, via Toton Lane or by NCT bus no. 36 - with both stopping right outside our factory building. NET Tram stop: 'High Road - Central College'.

The town of Beeston and the Chilwell High Road is a short walk away from us, with a range of resturants, cafe's and shops that are also worth a visit all year around.

Share Your Photo!

If you've got a scarf selfie or a precious moment with a newborn wrapped in one of our shawls, then please do tag us in your social media, using : @ghhurt

Alternatively, send your picture directly to us, at email : contactus@ghhurt.com. 

We love seeing our customers using our products and sharing their style!


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