• Fashion Revolution 2021
    Fashion Revolution 2021

    This year, during FRW 2021, our aim is to show an insight into some of the yarns we use to make our products. Sustainability is a huge part of our heritage and who we are today, we love our planet and are always striving to improve.

  • New Scarf Collection
    New Scarf Collection

    Our new AW18/19 Contemporary Collection celebrates uniting all through the expression of colour. Whether you are looking for something simple and bold or daring and bright, there is something for all!

  • Fashion Revolution 2020
    Fashion Revolution 2020

    This year for Fashion Revolution Week, we wanted to show you some of the little things that make a big difference to the way we work and the products we produce, our heritage is a big part of what makes G.H.Hurt & Son what it is today.

  • Fashion Revolution 2019
    Fashion Revolution 2019

    Transparency Within Fashion - During FRW2019, we wanted to honour the work done by our wonderfully talented team with a series a short films.